Franchise Agreement
This Franchise Agreement is made on date [ ]
“Effective Date” _______________________________________

Franchise Grant and Fees
Franchise Grant. PACANS hereby grants to [ ] the franchise grant.
Fees.[ ] shall pay [PACANS] the Franchise fee.
With the Franchise grant, the franchisee may operate as an academy, school, college or preparation center.
Franchise Fee is (NON-REFUNDABLE)
Zone A Franchise Fee: Rs 500,000
Zone B Franchise Fee: Rs 300,000

ZONE A Cities

ZONE B Cities
All other cities except the cities on ZONE A

Franchise Grant
Grant. [PARTY A] hereby grants to [ ] a non-exclusive right and license to operate a franchised business of the [Pacans Preparation Center]
Ownership of Proprietary Marks and Good Will. [_________________________]
hereby acknowledges that
PACANS owns all right, title, and interest in the Proprietary Marks.

Obligations of Pacans
• Provide training to the staff and teachers
• Run ads on national level (Facebook and Google)
• Guide and assist the franchisee regarding management issues
• Not to grant another franchise within 20km of the location
• Not to terminate the contract without any valid reasons
• Grant the franchise rights for life
• Allow the franchisee to run as many courses as possible
• Advertise a new course introduced by the franchisee

Obligations of Franchisee
• Abide by the rules and regulations of Pacans
• Pay 25% service revenue on every admission
• Put Camera surveillance
• Hire high educated and professional teachers
• Get the location and documents inspected
• Design the location according to the specifications provided by Pacans
• Not to blame Pacans for its failure to run the profitability
• Not to claim loss from Pacans under any circumstances
• Not to transfer franchise right to a third party

Termination of Contract
Pacans holds the right to terminate the contract under 10 conditions:
• Fraudulent activities done by the franchisee
• Failure to pay 25% service revenue to Pacans by the 10th day of next month
• Charging higher fee than the ones specified
• Transfer of franchise rights to third party
• Failure to comply with ethical, moral and legal values