AEO IELTS Result Islamabad 10 March 2012

AEO IELTS Result Islamabad 10 March 2012

IELTS candidates can check their scores for the IELTS exam which was held on March 10 2012. The IELTS exam was quite easy and about 1000 students took the IELTS exam. Most of the students who took the exam were applying to colleges and universities which were located in Australia. The required IELTS score for Australia is band 5.5 or above. You can visit the AEO office in Islamabad or check your IELTS score on the AEO Pakistan’s website. The website does not normally shows the IELTS result, so it would be wise to visit the AEO Islamabad in order to get the verified IELTS score.

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  1. how can i find my result online

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