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What is grade 17?

Grade 17 is the basic salary-17 scale. This is the lowest starting grade for bureaucrats in Pakistan. The CSS exams are conducted for appointments in this grade.

Hamdard University, Karachi

Hamdard University, Karachi

Hamdard University has two branches located in Islamabad and Karachi. Founded in 1991 by Shaheed Hakim Said of the Hamdard Foundation, HU has Asia’s biggest library having over 0.5 million books. Some of them are older even from 17th century. Hamdard University also owns the largest campus than any other private university in Pakistan; its […]

How to become successful in life?

There are some points very important to have a successful career: Be motivated: A successful career depends on how much work you can do and how efficient you can be while doing it. Your efficiency and productivity depends on motivation. Hard working & be dedicated: Without hard work and dedication you will not be successful. […]

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Spoken English Course Faisalabad- PACANS(Canada Qualified)

Spoken English course Faisalabad- PACANS(Canada Qualified) Hi, Do you want to study English? If yes, then please log on to www.pacans.com and learn the entire Spoken English course for Free! You do not even have pay a single rupee. You can learn the entire English by sitting at your home. The Spoken English course tuition […]

IELTS Preparation lahore

PACANS has launched another website by the name of http://www.ieltspreparationlahore.com, in this website the IELTS student will get all the information about taking IELTS test in Lahore. The website will also give details of the IELTS Preparation intitute in Lahore

IT jobs in Lahore

IT jobs in Lahore It is very difficult to find an IT job in Lahore nowadays. Whenever a person tries to find an IT job in Pakistan he or she is told that there is no job available. I have noticed that when a company in Pakistan spends their money on a website or software […]

Restaurant business in Pakistan

Restaurant business in Pakistan The restaurant business in Pakistan is very good if you are able to provide good quality food. Another very important way to make your restaurant a successful restaurant is to make your restaurant on the main road. It will take some time to drive the people towards your restaurant but eventually […]

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Teaching jobs in Lahore

Teaching jobs in Lahore It is easy to find a teaching job in Lahore, but it is very difficult to find a good teaching job. When a teacher starts his or her career he/she has to give some home tuition or work in small academy for very less pay, but as the time passes the […]

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Working in a telecommunication company

Working in a telecommunication company   Everyone knows that telecommunication sector in our country is growing successfully And is one of the most developing sector of our company.Different multinational Companies are competing one another. Every company wants to satisfy their consumers And they apply different techniques to attract more and more persons towards their network […]

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Best Catering in Lahore

Best caterers in Lahore People of Lahore are fond of eating, but they usually end up eating the wrong stuff. Most of the restaurants in Lahore are not providing safe and healthy food, they feed the customers with bad food with the aim of making more profit. I believe that there are several reasons these […]

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