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Al-Syed College of Commerce

Al-Syed College of Commerce is the most reputable B.com college in Lahore. Most of the B.com students choose Al-Syed Commerce College over Punjab College of Commerce. The main reason for this is that the teacher of Al-Syed College of Commerce are more helpful and they are deemed to be more qualified. Al-Syed College of Commerce […]

University of Sargodha

University of Sargodha I am a medical student in University of Sargodha, I have all the facilities in that university because it is a very big university which is providing all the facilities. The university is afflliated with hec.

Study in air university islamabad

Air university Islamabad started operations in 2001 and it is currently offering Bachelors, Masters and Phd degrees. The university has a good reputation of providing quality education. Positive The faculty is good Negative You can get admission in a better university Recommendation I would recommend you to take in admission in this university.

Study in GCU Faislabad

 GCU Faislabad Government college university Faisalabad is a very huge university in Faisalabad. Positive I like it because the faculty is very good and all the facilities are being provided in this university.  A student has the option choosing evening classes Negative The atmosphere of the university is not good because the girls and boys […]

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ACCA in CFE I studied ACCA from CFE Lahore. CFE stands for Center for financial Excellence. This institute was established 10 years ago, and now this institute has been able to establish as one of the best acca colleges in the city. Positive The faculty is good Negative There is no parking space available and […]

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International School of Choueifat in Lahore

International School of Choueifat International School of Choueifat is project of SABIS. SABIS has schools in 15 countries in the world. It is big school located in Johar town, Lahore. It started its operations in 1992. It is a very good school. First, the foreigners used to teach in the school, but due to the […]

Resource Academia in Lahore

My school Resource Academia My school name is Resource Academia .I am a student of this school. I study in eight class. I spend two years in this school that was luckiest year because this extraordinary. It has both things advantages and disadvantages. First I will discuss the advantages. Advantages In this school all the […]

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Study in University of Central Punjab (student review)

University of Central Punjab is located near Shaukat khanum. I am doing BBA honors from University of Central Punjab. Positive The faculty of the university is very good and the security is also very good. Negative There is always a parking problem and it is very expensive. Recommendation I would never recommend anyone to take […]

B.com in Hailey College

Problems which I faced while doing b.com   I am a B.com Graduate. I have done my B.com from Hailey Collage, Punjab University, Lahore. It was a two year degree program.   In this article I will inform you about the problems I faced while doing my B.com degree. Firstly, it was very difficult for […]


Academies in Lahore

Academies in Lahore There are a lot of academies in Lahore. You can see an academy after every 10 minutes if you are travelling by a car. Irrespective of what subject you are studying it is very difficult to find a good academy. We don’t go to the academies to listen to the normal boring […]

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