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Winner of NA-126 Lahore Election Result 2013 (PTI)

When I went to the polling station at 8:00 am on 11th I knew who was going to win. I definitely knew who was going to win. People were voting for change. As I was passing the houses I could see families standing outside of their houses chanting “Pakistan Zindabad”. The only thing I could […]

Winner of NA 24 Dera Ismail Khan election result 2013

Winner of NA 24 Dera Ismail Khan election result 2013 There is going to be a tough competition between Senator Waqar Ahmed Khan (PPP) and Maulana Fazul Rehman, but according to our sources Senator Waqar will easily sweep the elections as he has the support of the people of D.I Khan. The strange fact is […]

Load shedding has left our lives miserable

Load shedding has left our lives miserable. I think load shedding will never end, as a matter of fact O believe the electricity will end, and the Prime minister will say, “I announce 2 days of electricity for the occasion of Eid. But should we blame the government for everything? I t is very easy […]

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Load shedding in Faisalabad

Load shedding in Faisalabad Faisalabad is a hub of power looms. It has been hard struck by the deadly load shedding. Faisalabad has a very important role in the industrial progression of Lahore, but the so called leaders are mistreating Faisalabad to the full extent. The rich industrialists are never affected by the load shedding […]

We all are liars

We all are liars We all want to blame the government for all the bad things are happening in Pakistan, but it is not true.  Almost everyone takes advantage of a person who is in a need. We are so used to hearing the lies that when a person says the truth we consider him […]

LDA commercialization policy 2011

. LDA commercialization policy 2011 The LDA has announced its new commercialization policy after 4 long years, and the strange part is that they were unable to announce or produce any new rules or regulations. They have backed off from their futile claims and they had to approve most of the roads. We cannot blame […]

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