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Cafe Zouk in Lahore

Café Zouk is very popular amongst dating couples in Lahore. This restaurant in situated at the ground floor of a plaza near mini market. Food is expensive in Café Zouk and the type of food offered in Café Zouk  is continental. The interior of the restaurant is very beautiful.

Pizza hut in Lahore

Pizza hut in Lahore Pizza hut is the only restaurant in Lahore which has managed to maintain its market share regardless of other pizza restaurants opening. Pizza hut has very good atmosphere and it had the very good quality food. The most famous branched if Pizza hut are in MM Alam road, Gulberg  and Defence […]

KFC in Lahore

KFC in Lahore KFC stands for Kentucky Fried chicken. KFC is also a international brand which has many branches Lahore. Over the years KFC has lost its taste and market share. KFC used to be brand name, but it is not a known for the best chicken in town. A lot of local restaurants have […]

Mc Donald’s in Lahore

  Mc Donald’s is in about 10 locations in Lahore. Mc Donald’s has been hard struck after the opening of Hardees. Mc Donald’s is making every effort to reclaim its market share but things are not working out well. Mc Donald’s introduced “Bhook ka dushman” to compete with Hardees “Original Thick burger”. I find both […]

Hardees restaurant in Lahore

Hardees, is an international brand which, sells burgers all over the world. Hardees has recently been opened in Lahore at MM Alam road. The restaurant started off well, but their food quality deteriorated as the time progressed.  They should pay more attention on the food quality. I remember that when I ate Hardees burger in […]

Hsin kuang in Lahore

Hsin kuang is a Chinese restaurant near mini market Lahore. The food quality in Hsin kuang is very good and they are offering all the Chinese dishes. Another good thing about the restaurant is that the prices are economical as compared to other Chinese restaurants in Lahore.

Gun’s smoke Lahore

Gun’s smoke Lahore Gun smoke is a restaurant on M.M Alam raod. this restaurant is famous for providing the best burgers and steaks in town. The restaurant is not spacious and it is also very expensive. I fail to understand that why all these restaurants at M.M Alam charge so much money?

Freddy’s cafe in Lahore

Freddy’s café is a restaurant located on M.M Alam road, Lahore. I like this restaurant because they have very good salad. The salad bar offers a variety of salads which are very tasty. Other than that I also like the chicken burger in Freddy’s café. The thing which I do not like about Freddy’s café […]

Catering and event organizers in Lahore

Caterers in Lahore We all need caterers when we have to organize a birthday or have to do a function for wedding. The question is who is the best caterer in town? There are many caterers claiming to be the best, but who is actually the best. I have a very good experience with “celebrations” […]