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if you would still like to receive an answer from an expert Night terrors don’t occur because you’re ignoring you’re subconcious,,, night terrors are linked to anxiety/fear and emotions that you restrain during the day. I suffered from night terrors when I was in my last job ( my last job and boss was awful!!) […]


IELTS LIFE SKILLS A1 UK SPOUSE VISA tuition classes in Lahore-Foreign Qualified-Rs 15,000

You would not be receiving a score for IELTS Life Skills exam. You would either be getting a pass or a fail. Pacans Preparation Center is the only institute in Lahore which is providing separate classes with Foreign Qualified Teachers. Pacans is the partner of British Council IELTS Preparation Program and has taught 6 million […]

Introduction to IELTS

IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System. The exam is offered by British Council and AEO (Australian Education Office). The students who attempt the exam are referred to as the candidates. This test is taken by the students who want to study or work in a country where English is spoken as a first […]

Last date for registration for GAT General 25th January 2015 Lahore

National Testing Service has announced the date for GAT General Exam. The exam is going to be held on 25th January 2015, and the last date for the registration of the exam is 10th January 2015. The passing score for GAT General is 2015 and Pacans is the largest GAT preparation center in Pakistan. GAT General Crash […]


Mr. Awais Khan is the Managing Director at Pacans. He has vast experience in the field of education. He completed his Bachelors from University of Western Ontario Canada and did his Masters from Durham University United Kingdom. He was an AP Scholar in International School of Choueifat during his American High School Diploma. He has […]

President Pacans

Ms Ujala Khan is the President of Pacans. She has completed her education from International School of Choueifat and is an architect by profession.

Which is the best SAT prep institute in Lahore?

Which is the best SAT prep institute in Lahore? Pacans has the highest SAT average score in Lahore. If you are very weak in English and Math, we would be giving you individual attention with the Teaching Assistant before you join the regular classes. Join Pacans Preparation Center for the SAT preparation course. Timings (12-3pm […]


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borse tommy hilfiger Il nostro protestantesimo meridionale oramai una realt non solamente di numero e di comunit come dimostrano gli studi qui raccolti, ma anche di forze di pensiero e di azione nella vita civile del paese. Il confronto tra studiosi di varia tendenza e provenienza tornato su questioni vecchie e nuove fino a giungere […]

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