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Short Note/Essay on Indiscipline in our colleges in Pakistan

Quality of education in Pakistan is exacerbating day by day. Most of it could be attributed to the indiscipline. There is a lot of indiscipline in the colleges of Pakistan. First of all there is no proper way to running things. The most unqualified people are hired to run institutes thus resulting in the total […]

Short Note/Essay on Qualities of a good teacher

Teacher is a person who is assigned to teach the students. I contemplate that a good teacher is one who identifies the problems of the students and then endeavors to solve it I believe that I have been a blessed in my life as I have been taught by one of the best teachers in […]

Short Note/Essay on an ideal teacher in Pakistan

Teacher is a person who has been given the status of a parent. Teacher is an individual who has to educate to students and in order to do this the teacher is paid. If you compare the teachers of Pakistan to other countries you would see that the teachers in Pakistan do not leave any […]

Short Note/Essay on an ideal student in Pakistan

It is the foremost duty of a student to stay. It is true that recreational activities are important and a person would need some leisure time to stay active, but an ideal student should be academically very strong. Going to school does not only being completely involved in studies, one should also take some time […]

Short Note/Essay on ideal College in Pakistan

I have been one of the blessed people in the world as I go the unique opportunity of studying in my ideal college. I studied from Pacans College. The college was not operating on the basis of earning money, it was actually a college sought to provide the quality of education which is being provided […]

Short Note/Essay on purpose of education in Pakistan

Purpose of education is to make a person capable enough to do engage in to an activity which would help a person earn his or her livelihood.  Pakistan has many educational institutes and most of them are imparting knowledge which has no purpose or the knowledge which would not be applicable in the real world.

Short Note/Essay on problems related to education in Pakistan

The problem with the education system of Pakistan is that obsolete concepts are being taught. Education actually is an avenue to progress whereas as the education system in Pakistan is actually going to captivate you and confine you to certain definitions and terminologies.

Short Note/Essay on How to spend your leisure time in Pakistan

Pakistan was once a place when we had nothing to do, but it is a place full of excitement. There are many outdoor activities a person can do. Short Note/Essay on Problems of Pakistani students I regretfully want to inform that Pakistan has one of the feeblest education systems in Pakistan. When you the wrong […]

Short Note/Essay on Pleasures of Childhood in Pakistan

I had a cherished childhood in Pakistan. I went to be the best school in Pakistan which International School of Choueifat Lahore. I that time I was rich I used to live a life which was full of luxuries. I used to love my life. I was good in studies but I was not that […]

Short Note/Essay on my parents

There are many names we could give to parents. Parents are the primary care-givers and the teachers for a child. Some parents are ready to dedicate their entire lives towards the well-being of their children while others ignore the mere existence of their children and their problems. My relation with my parents was very good. […]

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