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Paragraph on the worst movie on earth

Paragraph on the worst movie on earth The worst movie in this world is Avengers 2015. I watched it today and I had to leave the cinema because the movie was just a combination of unwanted action and boring dialogues. I had to bear the movie for 1 hour but finally I had to give […]

Paragraph on Indian songs

Paragraph on Indian songs I love to listen to Indian songs. I hate English songs because they do not touch my heart. It is not that I do not understand them; it is that my heart does not understand them. In the Indian songs there are only the sad songs which I like because my […]

Paragraph on my deepest desire

Paragraph on my deepest desire My deepest desire in life is to get my life back. I have suffered a lot in life. I know that I would not get the things I want very easily, but as long as I am alive I will work towards becoming rich again. I am not doing it […]

Paragraph on IPL 2015

Paragraph on IPL 2015 My favorite tournament is Indian Premier League 2015. I come back from work at 10:30pm and one thing I am looking forward is the IPL match. My favorite team in IPL is Chennai Super Kings. I love CSK because I think MS Dhoni is the best cricketer cricket has ever produced. […]

Paragraph on what I want from life

Paragraph on what I want from life I am tired of being alone in life. I have been rejected so many times that I do not even have the courage to tell a person that I want to marry her. Life is capricious and we never know what might happen, but now what I want […]

Paragraph on love

Paragraph on love Love is a very powerful emotion. Sometimes we fall in love with people without any reason and I think it would be the most powerful love. Love is the feeling when caring for the other person gives you the feeling of completeness. Love can enable the world to become a very peaceful […]

Paragraph on Prison Break

Paragraph on Prison Break Prison Break is a very famous Drama series which revolves around the story of a brother who tries to take his brother out of the prison and thus faces the repercussions of this decision. The main characters in the drama are Michael and Sara. I was so much addicted to the […]

Paragraph on Uses of Remote Control of a TV

Paragraph on Uses of Remote Control of a TV As a child I was always told using the remote control was a sign of being lazy but when I became an adult I realized that using a remote control was actually convenience.  

Paragraph on Water

Paragraph on Water Water is one of the most important things in this world. Most of the earth is water and our body also has a substantial percentage of water. Water is used to drink and take bath. We have been able to produce electricity because of water. Apart from humans, animals and fish also […]

Paragraph on Glass of Water

Paragraph on Glass of Water I am addicted to water. I drink about 20-25 glasses of water in a day. My start day starts with drinking 2 glasses of water. I feel incomplete whenever I do not drink water. In the recent years I have gained a lot of weight and due to that I […]

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