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Paragraph on Prison Break

Paragraph on Prison Break Prison Break is a very famous Drama series which revolves around the story of a brother who tries to take his brother out of the prison and thus faces the repercussions of this decision. The main characters in the drama are Michael and Sara. I was so much addicted to the […]

Paragraph on Uses of Remote Control of a TV

Paragraph on Uses of Remote Control of a TV As a child I was always told using the remote control was a sign of being lazy but when I became an adult I realized that using a remote control was actually convenience.  

Paragraph on Water

Paragraph on Water Water is one of the most important things in this world. Most of the earth is water and our body also has a substantial percentage of water. Water is used to drink and take bath. We have been able to produce electricity because of water. Apart from humans, animals and fish also […]

Paragraph on Glass of Water

Paragraph on Glass of Water I am addicted to water. I drink about 20-25 glasses of water in a day. My start day starts with drinking 2 glasses of water. I feel incomplete whenever I do not drink water. In the recent years I have gained a lot of weight and due to that I […]

Paragraph on Importance of Bulb

Paragraph on Importance of Bulb The first bulb was made in 1879. In the medieval time humans used to get light by the use of fire, but then times changed and electricity was formed. Our sleeping patterns have also changed dramatically and that is the main reason we need bulbs in the night. First there […]

Paragraph on Uses of Tissue Paper

Paragraph on Uses of Tissue Paper Tissue paper was once considered a non-essential item. You would be amazed to know that tissue paper now has become a very important thing in a person’s life. I usually use tissue paper when I am eating food because sometimes oil comes on my finger. I also use tissue […]

Paragraph on New laptop

Paragraph on New laptop I have been using my laptop for the last 4 years. Now I do not want to use it anymore. There are many things which are not working in the laptop. I am unable to properly charge the laptop and the sound of the laptop is also not working. I have […]

Paragraph on Laptop

Paragraph on Laptop Laptop has become one of the most important technological inventions of this century. People buy laptop for various reasons. Most laptops start with $500 and they go up to $2000, basically depending on the brand you would be buying. People usually love to buy a Dell laptop. I usually use a laptop […]

Short Note/Essay on Indiscipline in our colleges in Pakistan

Quality of education in Pakistan is exacerbating day by day. Most of it could be attributed to the indiscipline. There is a lot of indiscipline in the colleges of Pakistan. First of all there is no proper way to running things. The most unqualified people are hired to run institutes thus resulting in the total […]

Short Note/Essay on Qualities of a good teacher

Teacher is a person who is assigned to teach the students. I contemplate that a good teacher is one who identifies the problems of the students and then endeavors to solve it I believe that I have been a blessed in my life as I have been taught by one of the best teachers in […]

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