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BA English Essay: Child Labor

Child labor Poverty is the enemy of wisdom and logical thinking and it is only then the innocence of children is exploited by putting them to work. Young minds are the flag bearers of future and greatest asset of a country. But the vicious circle of deprivation snatches this potential out of them and turns […]

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BA English Essay: Population Explosion

Population explosion Medical advances is one the greatest merits of science and at the same time it is one of the worst demerits of technology. This ambivalence majorly arises from the increase in population. Previously, birth rates were countered by equal death rates but due to improved living standards and advancement of medical science, the […]

BA English Essay: How to solve energy crisis in Pakistan?

How to solve energy crisis in Pakistan? Energy is the bloodline of a country’s economy. A continuous and sufficient energy `supply can ensure a healthy and progressive economy. Pakistan is passing through the challenging phase of electricity scarcity but right steps taken with an honest intention can lead us to load shedding free future. The […]

BA English Essay: Energy Crisis in Pakistan

Energy crisis in Pakistan Energy is the bloodline of a country’s economy. A continuous and sufficient energy `supply can ensure a healthy and progressive economy. Pakistan is unfortunate to face severe energy crisis in recent years. The parting gap between demand and supply is mounting with every year and it is pushing the country into […]

BA English Essay: Superstitions

Superstitions World has changed dramatically by the advent of scientific research methods. The connection between cause and effect has to be justified by the series of experiments and evidence, but absurd myths are still believed by a lot of people. Superstition can be defined as faith in the fact that one event leads to another […]

BA English Poverty in Pakistan

Poverty in Pakistan   Poverty in Pakistan is a dreadful reality, a monster that is budding every year and engulfing a major part of the population. Scarcity is threatening the very fabric of society and causing a moral degradation in people. According to UNO’s definition, a person is living below the poverty line, if his […]

BA English Essay: Advertisements in Pakistan

Advertisements With the industrial revolution, the complexities of demand and supply were not limited to need, but expanded to the new concepts of implanting desires and increasing the sales. This is where the emphasized role of advertisements set in. The history of commercials goes back to time immemorial; however it became integral part of business […]

BA English Essay: Floods in Pakistan

Floods in Pakistan Intriguing the monster of Global warming through the ruthless degradation of nature resulted in many repercussions. Pakistan faced her more than due share of these implications in the shape of floods for consecutive three years. Country was hit by the worst flood of the history in 2010 and the pattern spread over […]

BA English Essay: Economy of Pakistan

Economy of Pakistan Pakistan’s economy is 46th largest economy in the world. On its conception, country inherited all of the essential elements of macroeconomic stability. Pakistan is agronomic, semi- industrialized economy. The 55% of the GDP is contributed by agricultural and livestock sector. The locus of economic growth is along the River Indus and the commercial […]

BA English Essay: Cultural value of festivals

Cultural value of festivals Cultures throughout the world are marked by the mutual moments of cheerfulness. These events are called festivals and these are celebrated by the followers of that culture all across the world. The true spirit of tradition is accentuated in the festive atmosphere. Happiness and welfare are the forces at work in […]

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