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IELTS Reading Tip no.40: Develop skills

If you are person who is dreaming of getting Band 7 or higher on the IELTS exam, you should spend at least 6 months for the complete preparation. Believe me that preparation of the reading has nothing to do with doing practice, these are two completely different things. You might be one of the students […]

IELTS Reading Tip no.39: Comprehend

Read a paragraph and write down what you understood. Some people believe that reading section of the IELTS is all about skimming and scanning but it is very important to understand the meaning of the paragraph and you will also have to retain the information you read.

IELTS Reading Tip no.38: First GT then AT

There is going to be difference in the reading sections of the Academic and General Training versions, but there is a technique which I am going to tell you. You should start your reading practice from the passages of General Training practice exams and it the last few weeks of your practice you should practice […]

IELTS Reading Tip no.37: 25/40

If you keep scoring less than 25/40, it means that you have terrible English. Practice is just going to waste your time. The reason you are not getting the marks is that your overall English is too weak and you should give yourself ample time to do a Basic English course which would last for […]

IELTS Reading Tip no.36: Difficult questions

After you have practiced enough practice exams you would now know which questions are the ones you can attempt easily and which are the ones which need more practice. Even in the exam you should first endeavor to attempt the questions which you know well.

IELTS Reading Tip no.35: Find the words

There is a good exercise in which an IELTS Instructor is going to ask you find specific words in the passage. Instructor would also ask you to tell the number of times a certain word is repeated in the passage. This might give you a headache the first time you do it, but it will […]

IELTS Reading Tip no.34: Stop accusing

Stop accusing start working. It does not matter what your past is. I have seen students regretting about their past and ending up doing nothing in their present to make their future. Even if everything went bad in the past, it does not mean you cannot correct things now.

IELTS Reading Tip no.33: Stop wasting your time

IELTS Reading Tip no.33: There are going to about 10 questions which are going to be time consuming. By time consuming I mean you would not be able to find the answers for those questions by adopting the normal reading IELTS techniques. Instead of wasting your time on them you should leave them and do […]

IELTS Reading Tip no.32: Words in context

IELTS Reading Tip no.32: Words in context Try understanding words in context as it is impossible to learn or memorize every word of English.  This is not a Pakistani exam so that means there are not going to be any shortcuts. People with good schooling are the ones who get good band score. Instead of […]

IELTS Reading Tip no.31: Over confidence is going to kill you

IELTS Reading Tip no.31: Over confidence is going to kill you You are never going to find these kinds of reading passages every in your life as they are very very tricky. If you give this kind of reading passage to a native speaker of English Language there are chances that the person will just […]

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