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I to B: Advantages of Partnership

Advantages More capital available Partners are able to arrange larger amounts of capital than the sole trader business. Partnership has more capital because the partners invest their money into the business. Other than that the banks tend to give loan facility to the partnership on relaxed terms, whereas the sole trader has to provide security […]

I to B: Partnership

Partnership is a kind of business which is started by 2 or more people. Partnership is a kind of business in which the 2 or more people employ their capital to start a business by which they aim to earn profit. Like other types of businesses the partnership also has advantages and disadvantages. Most of […]

I to B: Advantages of Sole trader

Advantages of a Sole trader Start business with limited capital The sole trader can start the business with limited capital. The sole trader normally starts a business which is a small business, so the sole trader does not require high amounts of capital in order to start the business. The sole trader has the option […]

I to B: Sole trader

B com Introduction to Business revision notes (I to B) Sole trader Sole trader is a person who manages and operates a business by himself. People with limited capital start this kind of business. The Sole trader is the most common and popular form of business. The sole trader has many advantages and disadvantages. Most […]