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IELTS Listening Tip no.1: Watch English movies

IELTS Listening Tip no.1: Watch English movies There is no point of taking the IELTS exam if you cannot even understand English movies. You would fail miserably if you do not watch English movies and dramas.

IELTS Speaking Topic:Hostel life

When did you live in a hostel? What did you like and dislike about it? How was the overall experience?                                           A business you want to start What business do you want to start? Would […]

IELTS Speaking Topic:Graduation ceremony

When did you graduate from school? What preparation did you have to make for the ceremony? How was the overall experience? I graduated from my school in 2004. If I calculate it, it would be 9 years ago. Some people say that it was just yesterday but I think that I do not even remember […]

IELTS Speaking Topic:Birthday party

Whose birthday party did you attend? What part did you play in the birthday party? How many people attended the event?   It was my friend’s birthday 4 days ago. I can talk so much about this thing because I was so much part of it. The thing is that he was out of town […]

IELTS Speaking Topic:Technological advancements

What is the greatest technological innovation of this era? How do people regard it? In what ways do you use it? According to me the greatest technological innovation is computer. We cannot even imagine how badly we rely on it. Our reliance on computer has been so great that we have even integrated each and […]

IELTS Speaking Topic:Wedding event

Which was the last wedding you attended? Describe the event? Did you enjoy? The last wedding I attended was of my best friend’s brother. To describe the wedding in one word I would say it was simply spectacular. I am right now working in another city so because of the wedding I got a chance […]

IELTS Speaking Topic:Uses of Paper

What are the different uses of paper? Why do you use paper? Paper is a thing we all use every day. I would go to the extent of saying of saying that paper has more than a million uses and it would be almost impossible to state them one by one, but one of the […]

IELTS Speaking Topic:Photo

When did you take the photo? Do you like the photo? What kind of story does the photo depict? There was a time when photos where only taken by a camera, but now everything has changed. Computers and mobile phones have enabled people to take a lot of photos and I think people take billions […]

IELTS Speaking Topic:Airport

When was the time you visited the airport? Describe the airport? Why did you go to the airport? I went to an airport 7 months ago. I went to airport because I had to go to Dubai. I was going to Dubai for a pleasure trip and I was excited about it. I was going […]

IELTS Speaking Topic:When do you use internet

How often do you use the internet? For what purpose do you use it? How does it benefit you? Internet is something without which no one can live. There was a time when only certain people use to use the internet, but now internet has become a necessity for every single person on earth. I […]

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