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Teacher as a profession in Pakistan

Teacher as a profession A teacher is highly valued personality in a society and teaching is considered to be the most scared profession.The teacher is seen as a role model in society and is followed by students.A good teacher makes his students creative and imaginative.At higher level,it is a teacher who brings change in students. […]

Nursing as a profession

Nursing as a profession Profession is a occupation that requires skill and advance training.Nursing is a noble profession that is recognize internationally.Females  adopt nursing as a profession more than males Main focus of nursing is health promotion and health maintenance.

Problems associated with increasing population

Problems associated with increasing population Increasing population means human over-population.Over population can result from an increase in births and decline in mortality rates.The human population has been increasing day by day due to medical advancements.                                         […]

Fashion in pakistan

Fashion in Pakistan Man is a social animal and always wants him to show himself in a society in a presentable way.Naturally man and woman are fashion loving.They are very conscious about their clothes,manners and style of speaking.They always want to look like attractive,smart and fashionable.Fashion can never be end in itself.It is a mean […]

Advertising in Pakistan

Advertising Advertising is unavoidable part of everyone’s life.some people say that advertising is a positive part of our lives while other say that it is a negative part.Its positive impact is that advertisement encourages customers to buy things in quantity.It also provides us informations about new things.Its negative part is that people lie sometimes when […]

Some Qualities Of a Good Parent

Some Qualities Of a Good Parent Parents are those who give birth to us and take care from our infancy until maturity.Basically children are the impressions of their parents.Good parents will have good children but this is not the principle.Sometimes parents are good and their children are evil and vice versa.Every parent tries to bring […]

Paragraph on Function of money

Paragraph on Function of money Money often defines  in term of three functions or services.its main functions are ; it is a medium of has a store value and a unit of account. It has a funadamental need to facilitate any financial transaction. State bank is the main provider and controller of the supply […]

Paragraph on Chess

Paragraph on Chess  Games are the entertainment which holds the attention and interest of the can be any idea or the task which likely to be one of the activities that has developed from thousand of the years to keep the attention of the are helpful for the intellectual and logical growth of […]

Paragraph on Hungry for power

Paragraph on Hungry for power Power is the ability to influence the behaviour of the people.power obtained by the ligitimate source can be good or it can be unjust and evil.power can be obtained by a person by his chrisma personalty, tradition,expertise ,knowledge and is the common in the human beings to look special […]

Paragraph on Barriers to communications

Paragraph on Barriers to communications Communication is a two-way process which involve sender and receiver to conversate. Barriers to communicate can be arise from any of the person i.e sender and receiver. There may be some sort of techniqal, Psychological, physiological or semantic hinderances to communicate.all these obstacle can be removed easily by the “redundancy” […]

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