Examination fee for GMAT in Lahore

Examination fee for GMAT in Lahore

Examination for GMAT in Lahore is $250. Preparation fee for GMAT in Lahore is Rs 10,000.

PACANS is the largest GMAT preparation center in Lahore. We have 10 branches in Lahore. We are offering GMAT at 2 timings. Our classes run from Monday to Thursday and Friday to Sunday. 2-month GMAT course for Rs 10,000. Canada Qualified Teachers. Call 0300-4094094, 0332-0146186, 042-35855791 or e-mail at admissions@pacans.com . Mr. Umar Khan is the Graduate Member of Canadian Institute of Marketing. Pacans has taught more than 9 million people in the world.

GMAT exam center: Al- Khawarizmi Institute Of Computer Science UET. GMAT prep center: PACANS

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