News English Essay: Cash crops of Pakistan English Essay: Cash crops of Pakistan

In agronomy, the expansion of GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is highly contingent to the mounting exports of cash crops. Pakistan being an agricultural economy is no exception, where exports of produces amount a major portion of monetary inflows. Cash crops are defined as those crops which are transacted in exchange of foreign money.

Now, list of cash crops of Pakistan entails five main cultivations, namely cotton, rice, tobacco, fruits and vegetables and seed oils. Cotton is the most significant in generating high revenues and is cultivated through Punjab and Sindh. In the last decades, cotton not only tops the list of spawning high foreign exchanges¬† but has also become vital for the endurance of Pakistan’s largest industry i.e. textiles industry. The second on the list is ‘ Rice’. Pakistan produces finest quality of rice in the world and as a result rice export enterprises are popular business.

Moreover, tobacco, third on the list is grown in Pakistan and is famous all over the world. NWFP region yields ‘virgina tobacco’, which is the premium quality tobacco and sells like hot cakes in the cigarette industry. The fourth one, fruits and vegetables are also very productive crops and earn large amounts of foreign money through export. Seed oils have an equal competence in terms of revenues.

In a nutshell, I would like to say that Pakistan’s agricultural economy can be effectively exploited to bring macroeconomic stability in the country by taking serious steps to improve the quality and quantity of cash crops.¬† New strategies must be devised to avoid the natural disasters which have appalling impacts on economy

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