BA English Essay: Different kinds of Pollution

Different kinds of pollution

The big bang resulted in creation of this universe and many planets but only the mother earth was kind enough to nurture the human evolution. But later on, in their pursuit of excellence men have neglected the nature. In the recent years, technological interventions have polluted the environment far beyond its capacity. Pollution is basically the destruction of natural cycles and introduction of hazardous material in the atmosphere. There are various kinds of pollutants and different kind of pollutions.

 The major types of pollution include water pollution, air pollution, soil pollution, thermal pollution, radioactive pollution and noise pollution. While these kinds of pollution are resulted from different sources and may have different implications but they are intertwined and interconnected. Main pollutants include high concentration of oxides of Carbon, Carbon particles, chloro flouro carbons (CFC), oxides of sulphur and nitrogen and over consumption of oxygen. Air pollution mostly results from burning of fuel like petroleum and coal; the other sources are smoke of factories and CFC’s of cooling systems. Another cause of air pollution is deforestation.

Moreover; the water pollution includes the litter thrown into water by people, the effluent of factories, acid rain flowing into the rivers and dumping of radioactive waste under the water destroys the natural water cycles, threatens the ecology of water systems. It badly affects the health of men when they eat the infectious seafood. Soil pollution is caused by extensive use of pesticides and deforestation. Soil erosions and soil salinity are ruining the arid able land due to this type of pollution. Noise pollution is mostly concerned with life of city and badly affecting the mental health of residents.

In a nutshell I would like to say that Pollution is a great example that how science has facilitated us from one hand and backstabbed us from the other. We should be focused on developing new technologies which are environmental friendly, sustainable and healthy to use, So that we can protect our planet earth.

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