BA English Essay: Life in a big city

There are two lifestyles which are pillars of a country’s economy. One of them is urban lifestyle and the other is village life. Both of these are essential and work hand in hand for country’s prosperity. In the following paragraphs, I am going to analyze the merits and demerits of city life. Cities have a high population density and the people work in organizations or industries to earn their livelihood.

Urban centers are always abuzz with activity and life is quite fast. Due to the multiple career options and excellent educational facilities, the cities have various employment opportunities. And this is why there is a rapid urbanization in recent years and village population has decreased by almost 20% in Pakistan. The cities are stocked with modern medical and healthcare facilities. Moreover; the masses in cities are more self-centered and their efforts are aimed at getting financial excellence. So, the dreams about city can turn into nightmares for the novices because of their simplicity and ignorance of the customs of urban life.

Cities are manmade settlements and are more prone to pollution due to recent technological interventions. The commodities travel great distances to reach to cities and thus are mostly impure and have lost their freshness. The industrial waste, cooling system, burning of fuel and deforestation may result in various diseases such as cancer, asthma and skin ailments. The other implications of city life are traffic blockades, high population density, lack of sewerage facilities and scarce land.

Many metropolitans are called as ‘city of light’ but with the recent energy crisis, the darkness is mostly spread all over the area. Round the clock activity in urban centers matches with the nature of young generation but at the same time it is also inducing many ills in the society. The construction and planning of a city should have a capacity to accommodate expansion of at least 50 year. So that life in a city is more facilitated and comfortable.

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