BA English Essay: Social evils in Pakistan

Social evils in Pakistan

Many societies in the world are marred by the prevalent social evils. Pakistan proves no exception in this scenario, where the façade of society is mutilated by the brutalities of feudal systems and the ills conformed by her ignorant masses.

 The predominant immoral customs of Pakistan include drug addictions, dowry, beggary, child labor, child abuse, children marriages, women harassment, forced prostitution and women victimization in the feudal customs such as Vani, Karo Kari, and exchange of girls as payback of blood money. Few of such systems such as dowry, denying inheritance to girls and abusing women are the result of centuries of shared living with the Hindus. Whereas the child labor and drug addictions are the consequences of frustrated, unemployed and multiplying population. The others are primitive and are prevalent in tribal areas.

The persecution of weaker sex remains the baseline of all ills. The ill treatment of women is totally against the Islamic teachings but illiterate clerics are spreading wrong message of Islam. In addition to that the sexual harassment is a nightmare for working women of this male dominant society. The inhumane behavior of child labor and bribery ruin the innocence of young minds. In the later stages of their lives, they become a burden on society and are mentally unhealthy. Same is the case with children marriages which result in high mortality rate and unsound physical well-being.

To sum it up, these evils are weakening the roots of society and are presenting a tarnished image to whole world. To eradicate these ills, we have to educate our children, to increase the literacy rate of society and to initiate awareness campaigns through media. With the pledge to remove malicious customs, we can live in a better, more protected and civilized society.

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