Federal Board 10th Class Essay: Village life

Federal Board 10th Class Essay: Village life

We all are aware of the fact that in every country in this world two types of lives exist. The first life is call called the city life where people live in the urban areas whereas the other is called village life where people in the rural areas. There are many benefits of living in the village life, and whenever I want to relax I go to my village and relax.

Village life has benefits. The biggest benefit is that there is a lot of peace over there. I cannot even envisage of walking in the roads in the city because there is so much noise of people and the cars honk incessantly. The living experience in the village is worthy of claim. There is a lot peace. There are very less cars because cannot afford them over there.

Village life is all about purity. You can expect the pure food and vegetables in the village life. There is never going to be any king of impurity or contamination in the food items as all the crops are grown in the village. Other than the pure food items village life also gives a person a chance to live a disciplined life in which a person wakes up early in the morning and sleeps in the evening. We all Pakistanis have been complaining about load shedding but the people of village do not even need light because they has planned their life in a way that they can survive without electricity.

There might also some drawbacks of living in a village, the most noteworthy would be lack of opportunities. People in the villages are mostly laid back because they do not have ambitions. This is one of the causes which have contributed towards the underdevelopment of the villages.


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