Paragraph on My Favorite Historical Place

My favorite Historical Place


I like many all historical palaces. But most of all I like Badshahi Mosque and shahi fort in Lahore.

I make a program with my friends visit to a historical place all friends agree with me. On the decide day I go badshahi Masque with my friends. It is very large masque .it’s beautiful mosque. Its dome is very high and lock able.

Its verandah is very spaces. The capacity of badshahi masque 2 laces people to offer their payer at time. Its floor made up red marble. Its beautiful marble and of course costly too. We offer their asar and left for shahi fort. I enter main gate of fort it is one of the biggest fort of Pakistan. Many people walking there and enjoy my family and friends. Art work is very beautiful on fort wall. I takes some picture with groups and sap ret. I enjoy this visit all friend is very happy. I am very happy. I alewives remember this tower .

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  1. tomhara essay bohat kharab hai

  2. bhai mera esko essay kahta han???past ki batan presnt tense main bta raha ho speling istake b han :/

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