Frequently Asked Questions

What does GRE stand for?

GRE stands for Graduate Record Examination.


Who has to take GRE?

All those who want to take admission in Master programs in American and Canadian Universities would be required to take GRE. Some Pakistani Universities are also requiring GRE scores for admissions.


Which organization conducts GRE?

ETS conducts GRE.


How many dates are available for GRE in a month?

There are 10 to 15 dates available in a month for GRE.


After how many days can we take GRE?

You can take GRE after every 21 days and 5 times in a year.


Where is GRE held?

GRE is held in FC College. The exam is held in the Prometric Center.


How can one register for GRE?

You would be required to make an account on ETS to register for GRE.


Is any education required to take GRE?

No prior education is required to take GRE


How can we pay for GRE?

You can pay for GRE through a credit card.


What is the fee for GRE in Pakistan?

Fee for GRE is $205


What documents are required to register?

You would not be able to make the payment for GRE through a debit card. You will have to use a credit card to make the payment.


Do we require a passport to enter the examination center?

You would require both passport and ID card to sit for the exam.


How long is the GRE exam?

GRE would last for 4 to 4.5 hours.


At what time is the GRE held?

GRE is held at 9:00am and 1:30 pm




When is the result for GRE announced?

The result for GRE would be announced as soon as you are done with the exam. You would get a score for the verbal part and for the quantitative part.


How many people take GRE in a session?

There are normally 5 to 10 people who take the GRE in a session.


How much time is required to prepare for GRE?

It all depends on your past education. For a person with average English and Math, 3 months would be sufficient.


How much time is required to prepare if English is weak?

If one’s English is very weak you would first of all require perseverance and then at least 6 months.


How much time is required to prepare if Math is weak?

If one’s Math is


Is it mandatory to join an academy for GRE preparation?

No, it is not necessary to join an academy to score well on GRE. The best way to prepare for GRE is to prepare at your own.


Which are the best books for GRE preparation course?

GRE 5 pound

Barrons GRE

Manhttan GRE Series

GRE Math Bible

Kaplan GRE Math

Conquering SAT Math

GRE Official Guide


Should we prepare from one book or many books?

You should try to study from 4 to 5 books


What is the average score for GRE in Pakistan?

Average score on GRE in Pakistan is 285-290


What is the average score GRE verbal part?

Average score on the GRE verbal part is 140-145


What is the average score for GRE quantitative part?

Average score on the GRE quantitative part is 145-150


Can we take GRE for MBA admissions?

Yes, one can take GRE for MBA admissions


How is GRE different than GMAT?

Topics covered in Math are exactly the same, but there is a difference in some of the questions.


Is GRE easier than GMAT?

It is very hard to answer this question. It all depends on the strengths and weaknesses of the candidate, but most people would consider GRE easier than GMAT.


Is GRE easier than IELTS?

Many students ask this question, but the truth is that there is no comparison between IELTS and GRE. They are completely different exams.


Would band 7 in IELTS help me get a good score on GRE?



Who gets the best result on GRE?

Engineers tend to score more on GRE as their Math is good.


Who is the best teacher for GRE?

Anyone who matches your expectations and your current skill level would be the best teacher for you.


What is the score range for GRE?

Score range for GRE is 260-340. This means that if you get all questions wrong on GRE, your score would be 260 and if you get all questions right on GRE you would get 340.


What is the lowest possible score on GRE?

The lowest possible score on GRE is 260


What is the highest possible score on GRE?

The highest possible score on GRE is 340


What is score range for GRE verbal part?



What is the score range for GRE quantitative part?



What is considered a good score for GRE?

A score more than 310 is considered good.


Is GRE a computer adaptive test?

GRE is a section adaptive test. If you score well on one section, you would get difficult questions on the next section and the questions would also be worth more marks.


Can we skip questions on GRE?

Yes, one can skip questions on GRE do them later.


When should a person start doing mock exams?

You should start doing the mock exams at least 1 month before the exam. There would be many students who would know most of the questions on the exam, but they would get the questions wrong for not doing time management.


Which are the best mock exams?

GRE official guide is providing the best mock exams.


Would it be a pragmatic approach to learn all vocabulary lists?

If you are planning to appear for the exam in the next month, it would not be practical to learn all the lists.


What topics are covered on the GRE quantitative part?

There are about 40 topics covered on the GRE quantitative part.


What is tested on GRE verbal part?

A candidate’s reading ability and vocabulary would be test on GRE.


What types of questions are tested on GRE quantitative part?

Data Comparison Questions

Problem Solving Questions


What types of questions are tested on GRE verbal part?

Short Reading Comprehension

Long Reading Comprehension

Critical Reasoning

Sentence Equivalence

Sentence Completion


Which questions are the most difficult ones on the GRE verbal part?

If your vocabulary is not developed sentence equivalence and text completion questions would be the   most difficult questions.


Which questions are the most difficult ones in the GRE quantitative part?

Data Interpretation Questions can be troublesome for most students.


Which is the most important skill in the exam?

In the exam the most important skill would be time management.


Is a calculator allowed in the exam?

You would be provided with


What is the scratch paper in the GRE?

You would be given a scratch paper on which you would be doing your rough work. You would be provided with extra scratch paper whenever required.


Can we take scratch paper with us?

Candidate would be required to submit the scratch paper to the staff in the examination room.


Do we have to take anything along with us for the GRE?

You should take chocolates and frizzy drinks with you.



Is it recommended to utilize the breaks?

Yes, one should utilize the breaks. It would be perfect opportunity to drink water or to use the restroom.


What should be done one night before the exam?

Try not to pull an all-nighter. I know it would be very hard not to study, but you will have avoid studying or you would exhaust yourself.


Why do people score badly on GRE?

People get a bad score on GRE because they have not covered the entire syllabus.


Should we take GRE several times?

You might get an improvement of 10 marks after taking it another time.


How important is it to learn vocabulary for GRE?

Vocabulary is very important to score well on GRE. You will have to learn 3500 words to score more than 160 on the verbal part.


What topics are tested the most on GRE Quantitative section?

One could say that Algebra and Arithmetic are tested the most, but we cannot leave any topic as we never know what might be tested on the exam.


Are there any headphones provided?

You would be provided with headphone to block noise.


Is stationary provided in the GRE examination center?

You would be provided with pencil, sharpeners and erasers


Which questions should be done first on the GRE quantitative section?

Most candidates prefer to do


Which questions should be done first on the GRE verbal section?

If your vocabulary is strong, it is advisable to do text completion and sentence equivalence questions first.


How many essays are to be written on GRE?

You would be required to write down two essays on GRE. The first section GRE would be an issue and the second section on GRE would be an argument essay.


What is the score range for the GRE writing part?

Score range for GRE writing part is 1-6


What is an issue essay?

Candidate would be required to write 500-600 words on a topic in 30 minutes.


What is an argument essay?

Candidate would be required to write 500-500 words on an argument in 30 minutes. Candidate would be required to analyze the


How can one work on the issue essays?

Understand the pattern and read some sample essays.


How can one work on the argument essays?

Understand the pattern and read some sample essays.


How can a student get his or her essays checked for GRE?

You can submit your essays on


What is a good score on the essay?

A score of 4 or more is considered good on GRE.


Should one even attempt the essay part?

Most people think of not even attempting the essay part


Is essay score added to the total score?

Essay score for GRE is not added in the total score. You would be given a separate score for the GRE


What is the duration for GRE preparation course at Pacans?

4-week course for Rs 10,000

6-week course for Rs 15,000


Every student would be given 2 weeks complementary classes for mock exams.


Does Pacans provide free GRE trial class?

GRE trial class is only provided at Pacans Township. One day your skills would be assessed and then you can have a free trial class on Saturday or Sunday.  Trial classes are not provided at any other branch as the class gets disturbed every time a new student sits in the classroom.


Does Pacans provide free material?

Yes, Pacans provides free material for GRE.


Are basic math classes provided at Pacans?

Pacans provides basic Math classes.


Is Pacans providing weekend GRE course?

GRE weekend classes are being

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