Lahore appointment dates for GMAT

Lahore appointment dates for GMAT

Please go to to check the dates on which GMAT is available. If you are finding problem in finding an appointment date we could help you with the process. GMAT examination fee is $250

PACANS is the largest GMAT preparation center in Lahore. We have 10 branches in Lahore. We are offering GMAT at 2 timings. Our classes run from Monday to Thursday and Friday to Sunday. 2-month GMAT course for Rs 10,000. Canada Qualified Teachers. Call 0300-4094094, 0332-0146186, 042-35855791 or e-mail at . Mr. Umar Khan is the Graduate Member of Canadian Institute of Marketing. Pacans has taught more than 9 million people in the world.

GMAT exam center: Al- Khawarizmi Institute Of Computer Science UET. GMAT prep center: PACANS


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