News date sheet 2012 university of Sargodha date sheet 2012 university of Sargodha exam held on 14th May 2011 last year. The date sheet was announced 21 days before the commencement of the exam. The official of Sargodha university have hinted that the exam is going to be held in the month of April. This time there is a high probability that the exam would be held in the first week of April. There are about 45 days left in the exam ad students of Sargodha should start revising for the exam. part 1 is much easier than part 2. If a student starts revising for part 1 about 2 months before the exam, he or she can still pass the exam. But there is a completely different scenario for the part 2 exam. students should studying for the Sargodha university exam at least 4 months before the exam.

8 Responses to date sheet 2012 university of Sargodha

  1. I m not staisfied about the datesheet of part 1 & 2. There is very short time to studying the burdonsome course.

  2. sir,i want to part 1,2,registration and addmission yet. please replay hurry up

  3. sir,i want to part 2 datesheet plz reply hurry up….

  4. sir,b com part one k papers kb hn……..

  5. Plz jaldi bta dy………

  6. sir plez tell me date sheet part 2

  7. sir plez tell me date sheet part1

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