IDP/AEO IELTS Result Delhi 26th May 2012

IDP/AEO IELTS Result Delhi 26th May 2012

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Students of PACANS get between Band 6 and in the IELTS exam.

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The IDP/AEO IELTS result for the exam in Delhi on 26th May 2012 has been announced. IDP/AEO has announced the IELTS result to the students of Delhi living in India. The IDP/AEO’s IELTS result in Delhi was disappointing for most of the students who took the IDP/AEO IELTS exam on 26th May 31 2012. The IDP/AEO IELTS exam is available on the official website of IDP/AEO IELTS. You can log on to the website check your IELTS score. You will have to input the following information in order to check you IELTS score: test date, date of birth, identification document number , and candidate number.

PACANS wishes all the IELTS candidates good luck for their IELTS result, and if any candidate is unable to perform well then they can prepare from the official website of PACANS for free. The website is specially designed for the IELTS students of India and Pakistan.

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The website includes:

Free IELTS tips

Free Online videos

Free Essay checking tool

IELTS forum

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