10 reasons to join Pacans

10 reasons to join Pacans

  1. A whole learning experience

Students would be provided a whole learning experience at Pacans with excellent classroom environment, online quizzes, online help and free essay checking facility.

  1. Extra Help

You would be provided extra help whenever you require it. You might have paid for IELTS classes, but you can attend the free basic English classes if you believe you would be able to improve your score by attending them. Students of GRE, GMAT and SAT are given extra Basic Math classes.

  1. The most economical institute

Pacans is the most economical institute in Lahore which does not compromise on the quality of teaching. We charge at least 30 to 40% less than what other institutes are charging. We are not saying that others are overcharging, but the thing is that the rates of Pacans are very economical.

  1. Highly Qualified Teachers

Our teachers have completed their education from Canada, America or England. We hire teachers after a very meticulous process. Our teachers are made to take the exams which they are supposed to teach. The teachers who we hire from Pakistan have either done their education from LUMS or LSE.

  1. Study material

You would be provided complimentary study material. You would be amazed to see the notes you would be having at the end of the course. Most students even get free novels so that we could encourage them to start reading. You would also be provided the entire material in soft copy.

  1. Availability

Our teachers and staff members are available throughout the week. If you missed some classes, you can always take complimentary classes in any other branch of Pacans. You may contact our teachers and branch managers whenever you like.

  1. After the course help

Our students are provided extra help even after the course. It might come in the form of complimentary classes, free one on one sessions or mock exams. Some students even keep sending their essays after the course and the teacher keep checking them.

  1. Trust element

We have been running since 2011. We have made over 3,000 free video lessons and have provided free material to countless students through our blogs. More than 10,000 students have studied from us in our academies.

  1. Improvement in skills and results

We believe in the improvement in skills and results. We do not deceive our current or prospective students by just showing the results of some students who got very good scores. We believe that it is unethical to only show the results of the high achievers. Over these 7 years we have produced very good results.

  1. Free trial classes, assessment tests and workshops

We offer free assessment test to all the students. Before you join the course, you may take the assessment test for you to determine where you are standing right now and the kind of preparation you might require pass the exam. We offer free trial classes every Sunday in Pacans Township. We hold free workshops once in 2 weeks to make students aware of our teaching methodologies and strategies. The workshops would also give the students an opportunity to learn about the formats of different exams.

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