ACCA in Pakistan

Everyone is doing ACCA in Pakistan. but why?

ACCA stands for Association of chartered certified accountants. acca is an uk based accountancy degree which is globally recognized. there are a huge number of Pakistanis who are doing acca in Pakistan and the acca market has reached to the point of saturation, but you have to ask the question why are you doing acca.

The Pacans research team conducted a survey and asked about 200 acca students that why were they doing acca and these are the 10 most common answers we recorded

1. my bcom tutor told me to do it

2. I want to go to uk

3. I did not get admission in a good university

4. I did it because my parents wanted me to do it

5. I responded to the college’s ad

6. my uncle forced me to do it.

7. Job is guaranteed after doing ACCA

8. I went with a friend for information and the college enrolled my name

9. I don’t know

10. I don’t have anything else to do.

you should rethink and then take the decision whether to do acca or not. you should not take decision about your future on other people’s analysis. we are not against acca but there are certain points that the student should keep in mind before starting acca

1. acca is very tough (8-10 hours of study everyday)

2. acca is very expensive compared to Pakistani education

3. jobs are not guaranteed

4. most of the people leave it after CBEs

5. you will have to do 3 years articleship

we are not going to encourage Pakistani to opt out of doing the acca qualification, because there are also many benefits of doing it. To read the benefits of doing acca for Pakistani students, click here.

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