Britiah council IELTS

Most of the people in Pakistan choose British council for taking the IELTS exam. The most obvious reason is that you people tend to trust British council because it is such a huge organization. There is no difference in the IELTS exam conducted by AEO and British council, but people choose British council because it provides individual headphones for the IELTS listening part of the exam whereas AEO has one speaker for everyone. It is advisable to take the IELTS date as soon as you decide to take the IELTS exam because you are most likely to get a date after 2 months as the IELTS dates get filled up quickly. If you submit you IELTS application form in January 2012 then you will most likely get a date in March 2012.

British council IELTS fees

The British council’s IELTS fees is less than AEO’s IELTS fees. British council is taking Rs 13,900 whereas AEO is taking Rs 15,000. The difference between the fees of AEO and British council is nominal.

British council IELTS registration
You can register for the IELTS exam online, or you can fill in the IELTS application form and submit it. IELTS registration forms are available online and they are also available in the branches of Standard Chartered Bank. You will have to fill in the IELTS application form and then you will have to pay the pay in the branch of Standard chartered. You will have to bring you passport/CNIC and 2 passports size pictures along with your IELTS application form. Once you have submitted your documents in Standard Chartered you will get a confirmation e-mail in one or two days.

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