Call center training Lahore kasur

Students who study in colleges and universities want to get a job at a call center. Working in a call center is not too difficult, but in order to get a job at call center a person should have very good English. Call centers require good English because you are supposed to talk with native speakers of English language, so you should talk in a way that is totally understandable to them.

PACANS is offering the training classes for the call center job. The major problem of Pakistanis is that they are unable to speak the write tense at the right moment and they also forget words while they are speaking English.

We are going to work on your vocabulary building ad stress and intonation. After the 1-month training you would be eligible to get job in any call center. The total cost of the training is Rs 5000.

We will help you develop Canadian accent

PACANS is an educational organization which is started by Canada Qualified teacher.

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