Catering and event organizers in Lahore

Caterers in Lahore

We all need caterers when we have to organize a birthday or have to do a function for wedding. The question is who is the best caterer in town? There are many caterers claiming to be the best, but who is actually the best. I have a very good experience with “celebrations” event organizers and caterers. I gave them the task of organizing for my son’s birthday, and they did it in a marvelous way. The food quality was outstanding and the prices were also very economical. My cousin also hired the “celebrations” for her daughter’s Mehndi and she told me that that was the best Mehndi ever.

Comparison of different caterers






Phone no.


1. Celebrations caterers & event organizer

Best Quality and best food economical prices


I would really recommend Celebrations caterers because I got my daughter’s wedding function




2.Hanif Rajput

Brand name

Do not give proper attention




3. Zafar Banquet services







4. Zareen Khalid



Very expensive




5. Nazar sons






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