B com college/academy Lahore

B com academy Lahore

Students in Lahore can take the B.com exam privately. About 2 years ago students has to enroll in a college in order to take the B.com exam of Punjab University, but now private students can take the B.com exam privately. Due to this change many students seek the help of B.com academies for the preparation of the B.com exam.

There are 2 parts in the B.com exam. The first one is B.com part 1. Students in Lahore find it very difficult to score well in the subjects like I to B and Money Banking Finance. One of the most difficult subjects in B.com part 1 is accounting.

B.com part 2 is much harder than B com part 1. The difficult subjects in B.com part 2 are income tax, financial accounting and cost accounting. Most of the students need tuition for these 3 subjects of B.com because they regard these 3 subjects very difficult. When students go to a B.com academy then they decide to take the tution for all subjects of B. com part 2 because they want to get good result in B.com exam.

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