A computer is an electronic device which works with data and information. First computer was invented by Charles Babbage. There are fours parts of computer monitor, keyboard, mouse and brain of computer CPU. It stands for central processing unit. It contains every thing of computer. Monitor is used to show the display. Keyboard is used to type letters and muse is used to click and drag. There are two types of computer desktop and laptop. Desktop computer contains many wires and laptop o contain one wire for charging. We can use internet. We can study, play games, and can download things. We can chat with our friends, relatives and etc. There are many negative issues surrounding the use of computers as educational tools. It can damage our eyes. It can harm our brain, health and emotional growth. Some people try to earn more money incase they lost all of there money they have earned. Today in every schools and use computers to help children to learn grammar and math. On the word processor students can do their homework and class work. Now we can call on computer and see video. I like to use laptop most.

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  1. August 24, 2011

    Very good assignment, there were some spelling mistakes but it was good. Try to make paragraphs. Keep up the good work

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