Course Outline for Online Classes on Zoom

Introductory Class Lecture 1

Introduction to IELTS


Study Plan during the course

Short Grammar Review-Coherence & Cohesion

Write Paragraphs


Lecture 2:

Introduction to Writing Task 2 (Band Descriptors)

Brainstorming-Organizational Structure-Writing

How to write a body paragraph?


Lecture 3:

Types of Questions for Writing Task 2


Writing Task 2 Essay Topics


Lecture 4:

Speaking Introduction (Band Descriptors)

Speaking (Exam Experience)

Speaking Notes

Writing Task 2 Practice


Lecture 5:

Reading Introduction

Academic Reading and General Training Reading

Homework Assignment

Writing Task 2 Practice


Lecture 6:

Listening Introduction

Homework Assignment for listening

Grammar Quizzes


Lecture 7:

Writing Task 1: Academic Version (Extra Class would be provided)


Listening and Reading Assignments

Grammar Quizzes


Lecture 8:

Writing Task 2: General Training Version

Informal letters-Formal letters-Semi-format letters

Sample General Training Letters

Lecture 9:

Speaking Part 2 Discussion

Writing Task 2 Discussion on Questions (Brainstorming)

Listening and Reading home assignments


Lecture 10:

Speaking Part 1 Discussion

Types of Questions on Reading

Vocabulary Test

Listening and Reading assignments



Writing Task 1 Academic Version Sample Answers

Listening and Reading Home Assignments

Writing Task 2 Practice


Lecture 12

Writing Task 1 General Training Answers

Speaking Practice

Writing Task 2 Practice


Lecture 13

Academic Writing Task 1

Practice on Reading Module (General Training)

Practice on Reading Module (Academic)

Writing Essays


Lecture 14

Advanced Grammar Review

Vocabulary Test

Speaking Practice

Listening and Reading Practice


Lecture 15

Revision of Writing Task 2

Revision of Speaking Module


Lecture 16

Vocabulary Notes

Topics to Review

Listening and Reading Practice


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