English language in Pakistan

English language in Pakistan

We all have problem subjects. For some people it is difficult to understand Math, for some it is difficult to understand Accounting, and for some it is difficult to understand English.  So, why do people consider the people who do not know English as fools?

The reality is that the people who consider you a fool are themselves  fools.  If you have the courage to learn English then I think that you have the ability to learn English.. The people who know English do not have a chip inserted in their minds which enables them to know English. At some point of their lives they were also learning English. So that means that they had to go through the entire process before and you are going to go through the entire process now.

You do not have to feel ashamed of it. I must say that you are courageous enough to accept the challenge.

PACANS will help you in every way to learn English. We have made free English Urdu Video lectures in which you are going to be taught by Canada Qualified Teacher who achieved (97%) in Canada.  He is friendly and helpful.  He will teach you English from the beginning to the end and he will not charge anything.  Visit www.pacans.com and start learning.

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