Free English videos for speaking in Urdu/Hindi by Canada Qualified (PACANS)

PACANS has emerged as one of the best English teaching websites. The whole process started when Mr. Umar Khan uploaded his first free online lecture and now the videos are viral. People cannot think their life without PACANS. PACANS has opened its branches in 34 cities in Pakistan and it is still expanding.

PACANS is destroying each academy in Lahore one by one. There was a time when people had to pay so 10,000 rupees for their English course, but now the time has changed and the students only have to pay Rs 3500 for the course which is going to be taught by Canada Qualified Teacher. Students should not worry at all. If the students do not have the money to pay for the course then they can get the entire course for free from the official website of PACANS. PACANS is booming and it is not stopping.

PACANS is a free educational website which has taught more than 5 million people worldwide

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