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Students of Lahore are facing many problems in finding a good IELTS tutor in Lahore. Most of the IELTS teachers in Lahore only provide the tips and techniques and do not cover the entire course. Tips and techniques are very important for getting a good band on IELTS exam, but it is also very important to have strong base of English language.
Let me introduce you to the best IELTS tutor in Lahore.

The name of the IELTS tutor is Mr. Umar Khan (0300-4094094)
The total course will last for 6 weeks and the fee for the IELTS course is Rs 2500.

2nd Floor Capri Center Gulberg 3 Firdaus Market Lahore
29 Sultan Town near University of Lahore 1km Thokar Niaz Baig Lahore

The following areas are going to be covered in the IELTS preparation course in Pakistan

English tenses
Before the IELTS preparation starts, the IELTS instructor will revise the 12 English tenses of the English language. Most of the students in Pakistan have problem with the English tenses, so it is very important to cover the 12 English tenses.

English Grammar
Some of the most important English grammar rules will be covered in the IELTS course. The teacher will revise some of the most important English grammar rules. These include conjunctions, prepositions, adverbs, and linking devices.

Brainstorming is the process which helps the student to gather ideas for a good essay. The brainstorming workshop is done 3 or 4 times in the class so that the student can understand this process, and the students can be capable of doing the entire process on his or her own too.

For the speaking the module the teacher will provide the 50 most common questions which appear on the IELTS speaking part 1. The teacher will also provide you the 40 most common topics which repeat again and again in the IELTS speaking part 2. The teacher will provide you ideas and cover each and every topic in class. The teacher has also made videos for the 40 IELTS topics which are available on for free.

For the reading section the teacher will provide about 300 words which appear again and again on the IELTS reading section. The teacher will also provide tips and techniques for the IETLS reading module. At least 12 reading passages will be covered in the class. After doing these IELTS reading passages you will have an idea of the real IELTS exam.

The students will be required to do at least 4 essays per week. The essays will be marked by the IELTS teacher and the student will also receive a IELTS band score for the writing task. The IELTS tutor will also provide you ideas on how to improve your IELTS essay. The teacher will also teach you the correct sentence structure.

The teacher will practice listening targets and modal tests with the students. The teacher will also tell about the tips for the IELTS listening module. The students will be required to listen to audios in the class and then answer the question in the class. The teacher will cover each and every question and provide the tips on how to find out the correct answer from the IELTS recording,

Tips for the IELTS
The teacher will provide you the following things:
IELTS reading tips
IELTS writing tips
IELTS speaking tips
IELTS listening tips

All these IELTS tips are available on , in videos lectures, for Free! If you do not want to spend money on the IELTS preparation course you can simply visit the website and get your required information.

Modal tests
The teacher will cover many modal tests in the class. After completing the modal tests the IELTS candidate will get a better idea of how the real IELTS exam looks. The teacher will also provide IELTS score for the modal tests which are done in the class.

You may log on to for the complete IELTS course for Free or you may visit one of our branches.
Call 0300-4094094 042-35855791

25-2-C1 Main College Road Township Lahore
2nd Floor Capri Center Gulberg 3 Firdaus Market Lahore
29 Sultan Town near University of Lahore 1km Thokar Niaz Baig Lahore
1st Floor Mashallah Plaza Gulberg 3 Lahore

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