Why IELTS is so hard for Pakistanis?

IELTS is not a hard exam. I know that many of you would say that I am saying the wrong thing, but in reality it is the right thing.

IELTS is mainly concerned with the English which we are taught in grade 8 and 9, so why do people find this test too be so hard.
Well the answer is “PROPAGANDA”

There are a bunch of money grabbers who make you realize that you cannot attempt this exam. They do all things because they want to charge 10,000 rupees from you.

They say that they know the tips and techniques which no one knows. Guys I know that we Pakistanis feel very happy when someone lies to us. We feel assured and when the person does not fulfill the promise we say he or she is a fraud. But please think we are the one who let the other person make a fool out of us.

I am going to ask you a simple question:
If you know driving do I need to tell you how to drive a car when a rickshaw or a bus comes in front of you?

Now let me rephrase it

If you know English do I need to tell you how to attempt IELTS when difficult question comes?

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