Best IELTS Preparation in Lahore

Best IELTS Preparation in Lahore

There are many IELTS academies operating in Lahore which claim to be the best IELTS academies, but how do you consider an IELTS academy as best.

These are the questions which are the in the student’s mind:

Does the academy cover the entire course?

How have previous students performed?

What is the IELTS fee?

What is the qualification of the teacher?

Does the teacher cover the English Grammar course?

Does the teacher provide tips and techniques for the IELTS exam?

How many branches does the academy have?

Why should we choose this academy?

Now, I am going answer the following questions.


PACANS will cover the entire IELTS course

Mr. Ahsan Athar studied from PACANS and he got band 7.5

The IELTS fee in PACANS is Rs 2500 for 5-week course

The teacher completed his Bachelors in Marketing from Canada. The teacher was on the Dean’s list twice, his GPA was 3.88

PACANS also cover the essential English Grammar concepts which are included in the IELTS fee

PACANS has successfully opened 4 branches in Lahore

You should choose PACANS because it is taught more than 1 million people around the world and you can also get the entire course for free from

Call now 0300-4094094 or e-mail at

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