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I am agree with the topic that Food advertising should be banned in a similar way the cigaratte advertising is, because food advertising give bad effect to the audiuance. Manufactures missguide the users and presents the modified pictures of their products. Food advertise has bad effects at health and consumer budge.

Advertising presents the modified version of products and its nutrations which missguide the auodiance. Companies do not describe their products in right manner. They only show the one side of picture. In their adds they only presents the marrits of any product they never describe the side effects .

Wastage of monye due to the wrong information is also a major issue. For example in many food advertisment it shows that by using the energy drinks you  get enstant energy and  feel more power to do any thingh. By impressing these comercials many people spend lot of mony for enrgy drinks but the results are zero.

In food advertisment  companies present the wrong information about the nutration values. In many biscuts or canddy’s commercial it shows that one samll pack of biscuts contains a complete nutration value which required for whole day but, infact they are missguide the users.

Over food advertising  effects badly on health because adds attract peoples to eat more and they do not follow the health requirments. They have to face many health issues like food posining, Over weight and bad eating habits.

It’s right that adverdising is major source for awerness  but, now advertising companies are showing the wrong pictures to compete their compitators. Majority of adds are related to facts.

Finally it’s required to banned food adds simmilar ways the cigarette advertisng  is. Its need to force food manufacturers  to show the real picture of their products and also discrbe the side effects of any product. People should be able to know the all acepcts.


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