Interview Preparation Course Outline

Course outline:  interview preparation

Why failing at interview cost an opportunity?

How to prepare for your introduction at the job interview?

How to prepare for your ‘first impression-of 30 sec’, that matters the most at interview?

What are the necessary pre-interview preparations?

The keys to successful interviews

How to control ‘interview nerves’ to optimize performance at the interview?

How to convince the employer that you are the most suitable person for the job?

What are the employers looking for, in the Pakistan perspective?

An interview is an opportunity to sell your hard and soft skills to be selected.

What are the soft skills and how to demonstrate them to succeed at interview?

Your language and body language both are important in communication at interview

How to remain confident at interview?

How to answer the questions to satisfy the interviewer at interview?

Why interview is a two-way process?

What is self evaluation and how to do it?

How to figure out what to offer to the company at interview?

How to develop the skills to handle Q&A at interview?

Types of interviews you need to prepare for

Creation of an alluring resume



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