Islamabad board date sheet FBISE 2012

Islamabad board date sheet FBISE 2012

Hey guys! Hope youre well cause you exams are starting! On Tuesday 27/03/2012 you will be taking the following exams:

1)      Geography (022)

2)      Islamic studies 2 (521)

3)      Art and model drawing 2 (524)

I know geography is a very dry subject and one cannot concentrate on the subject! But it’s part of our course and we have to do it! You we have to pull our sock and prepare our best! If you guys want the best then join Pacans academy!  It specializes in English and geography!

On the other hand in your drawing practicals my only advice will be that you people practice as much as possible cause that’s the only thing that will make you perfect! Good luck , bless you

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