Karachi FSC date sheet 2012

Karachi FSC date sheet 2012

FSC has 2 parts. The first part is called FSC part 1 and the second part is called FSC part 2. Thousands of students appear for the FSC exam through Karachi board. Right now the students are preparing for their FSC exams because they are going to start form next month. Students have one month to prepare for the FSC exam. Last year results show that the students who took FSC tuition from PACANS got very good marks in the FSC exams. You will have to wait 2 more weeks to see the date sheet of FSC intermediate, but we have found out from some teachers that the first exam might start form 16th May, so if you want to design your revision timetable then you should know that the exam would start form May 16 2012 because last year the exam started form 16th May and they might also start form the dame date this year.



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