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Do you know your English tenses?

Academies in Pakistan say that they can teach you English even if you do not know the tenses. I think they are just misguiding you. You cannot learn English unless you have full grip on your English tenses. Just imagine that can you pass you Math exam if you do not know your tables.

How many marks would you get in the Math exam if you sometimes wrote 4×4=16 and sometimes wrote 4×4=17?

You have to know the uses and rules of tenses and PACANS has the best method to help you learn the rules and uses of the 12 English tenses in the active and passive voice. You will be given a test everyday by which you will be forced to learn these tenses and even if you want to forget them or even if you want to say the wrong tenses you would not be able to do it because is going to teach the English tenses in the nest possible way available in this world.

Mr. Umar Khan is the CEO of PACANS and he has a Business-marketing degree from Canada. He will teach the Basic English language course by himself.

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