A level registration Lahore

A level registration Lahore

You can save 2 years of your life by taking the A level exams. If you aim to study abroad you should take the A level exams and then apply for a Bachelors degree in a foreign degree.

Colleges and universities in the foreign countries consider the Bachelor degree of Pakistan equivalent to Grade 13, so instead of doing B.com or B.A from Pakistan you can simply take the A-level Exams and take admission in foreign college or university.

You can take the 2 A-level exams in Lahore and then you would eligible to apply to a college in UK, USA or Canada. You will have to achieve a grade of at least E in order to get admission.

PACANS Academy is offering the A level course in Lahore. A level course is being offered for Rs 5,000 per subject per month.  You can easily prepare for the A level course in 4 months. Our Faculty is foreign Qualified and our teachers have themselves take the A- level exam. The A level teachers in Lahore will help you get a very good grade in the A level exam.

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