Marriage problem in Pakistan

Marriage problem in Pakistan

Almost everyone in this world gets married, but now it is getting very difficult for both girls and boys to get a partner.


Boys want a girl who is very beautiful and young. Once a friend told “ Ghareeb baap kismet phuti, Ghareeb susar teri ghalti”. This means that you might be born to a poor father, but you can choose a rich father in law. Boys also want a girl whose father is rich. There is another problem with the boys for instance they do not want to marry to the girls with whom they hang out. They say that we will never marry a girl who goes out with boys.



Girls want a boy who is rich. They do not give a damn about the looks. They might go for the looks in their teen years but after wards they understand that the most important is to get a rich man. The sad thing is that there are very few rich men out there and most of the girls have to see their dreams getting shattered.  


Solution for boys

Boys should stop having this double standard. They should keep in their minds that no matter how rich the father in law is, there are very rare chances that they will anything to the son-in-law. Boys should stop being so demanding. They should stop thinking that the girl who goes with her friends is not a wrong girl.

Solution for girls

Girls should also stop analyzing wealth. Girls might marry a rich boy and then he m