People character is influenced by environment rather genetics. Do you agree or disagree?

I would like to descant this topic on both aspects of life.

Firstly, i concede modt of the people influence by the environment if compared to their genetics characteristics. In my point of view its contingent on the conditions of the education of the people, society in which they are living, social culture of the society and the of the people. Education has a great impacr on an individual’s character. If the people have good quality of education their behave will be different from the other people related to their genes. Whenever, the people have religious education the will behave more religiously.

secondly, cociety id also corroborate the process of character building. I do not think anyone will contravene with the role of society. Because it play a vital role on the character of the people. If the liveng in corrupt society where everyone is involve in corruption or other negative activities. A person who belongs to gentle family automatically involve in thes activities with the other members of the society. Its true, some exceptions are there. Because we concede this reality people have the strong genes in their personality would not adamant with the society.

Thirdly, i would like to accentuate on genetic value because I concur with the genetic values. some people have a strong genetics power from their four fathers . Therefore, they do not influence by any type of society. for example , some of religious personalities like Prophets of God and saints. In conclusion i would like to stop the beleboring because brevity is important in this essay. But environment is most important in the character of the people

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  1. November 16, 2011

    I would like to descant upon this topic
    I concede that most of the people are influenced
    their behavior, not their behave. (their is possessive pronoun and it will always be followed by a noun). behave is a verb

    of society. Because
    (Do not put full stop because you are still completing the sentence)
    Adamant is not used correctly
    accentuate on the issue of genetics

    Your other essay is very good so please submit it. This essay has mistakes. You will get 4.5 or 5 for this essay because you were unable use the words properly, and the ideas were also limited.

    The essay which you showed me in class will get at least band 7

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