Rain today-8 August 2011

Rainy days in Lahore

There was heavy rainfall in Lahore today. The rain disturbed the work routines of most of the people. It rained so hard it seemed as if Lahore had become Venice. The city has the worst drainage system in country. There was so much water filled on the roads that I thought I had to buy a boat in order to travel from one place to another. I feel pity for the WASA (Water and Sanitation Authority) who take out their sucking machines whenever it rains and then they helplessly look on as the city roads turn in to rivers and canals. But I am very happy because of the rain because the weather is very pleasant now. Today on 8th August I was able to sit on the terrace and enjoy the time. I hope this kind of weather remains so that we Pakistanis do not have bother about the load shedding anymore.

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