Resource Academia in Lahore

My school Resource Academia My school name is Resource Academia .I am a student of this school. I study in eight class. I spend two years in this school that was luckiest year because this extraordinary. It has both things advantages and disadvantages. First I will discuss the advantages.

Advantages In this school all the teacher are polite and well educated soft speakers and good person. Classes are made of good materials and in every class there is an A.C and have a soft chairs when we sit on it we feel that we sit on sofa. We feel comfortable there is no noise when we come for break.

Disadvantages First disadvantage is exams we have to study study and study in exam. We feel boring and torture by are parent. Canteen keeper gives us poor quality of food in canteen that makes us ill and sick. At the end of exam we are not allowed to throw water and ink on our friends. I recommend that everyone should come in this and bring breakfast from there home and do not use abusive language and be polite with everyone.

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