Shopping is a bad habit

Shopping has become a favorite pastime among young people. Why do you think it’s like that, and do you think they must be encouraged to do other things rather than shopping?

It is true that shopping has become favorite pastime of youth these days, which is in my view a completely unnecessary activity and should be highly discouraged socially. I will explain it with some soild examples and merits and demerits to give a clear picture of this whole story.
if you just wake up and you have nothing to do, and just plan to roam around and get a chance to visit any market or bazaar area. you will notice that markets are full of unnecessary things and cheap enough that one cant bother to think that it would be a wastage of money on spending money on such things. That is one point, moving ahead high promotion of such branded things and then their prices interplay the temptation of buyers and it develop the shopaholic attitude in the society.
Now, if a person can afford buying such things that are trendy and fashionable and give you an image of your super star then he wont waste a second on thinking about money wastage thing. He will go and grab that thing from the market and show off starts from the very moment. On the other hand there is person who doesn’t have enough money or it’s a student who gets a little amount as pocket money, the desire of having what his mates are having or what his eyes see in markets or on multimedia, will make one to think on the ways, how he can make enough money. And this frustration or shopaholic habit can mislead the youth towards involvement in illegal activities. and can also cause distraction towards things that are not constructive for a healthy nation; also a big wastage of time which they should spend on some healthy activities or on their education. 
Everyday launch of luxurious and fascinating gadgets and handy things that cost hand full money, and on other hand easy credit schemes for students and young people are causing a huge loss. Then youth with low income or low pocket money which they should on education, are after part time jobs or finding ways to increase income so that they can buy things, and shop out.
Concluding this discussion with a few suggestion that we can demolish or can remove to some extent these bad habit of youth by taking some serious steps and can build a healthy progressive nation.
Govt should higly discourage such trendy and fashionable items by adding taxes, and strict laws. Media should not show these things as temptation and should be highly discouraged. If banks are giving credits to students or youth, they should maintain a check on how they are spending the money. 
There should not be any schemes that morgage highly cost things on low premiums like expensive mobiles or gadgets or luxurious cars.
Then parents and teachers and profit free NGOs can play important role in character building of youth. So they can decide what is good for them and for the country.

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