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In this section the students would be introduced to the various types of nouns and when they should be used. The main feature of this section would be to help students differentiate between common nouns, proper nouns, countable nouns, uncountable nouns, plural nouns, singular nouns and abstract nouns. Students of this course would also be told about the instances when these nouns should be used. Students would also be provided 10 exercises to strengthen their concept.



In this section of the course the students would be told about the 12 tenses of active voice, 8 tenses of passive voice and 6 tenses of to be form. Students would be told when to use which tense and how to memorize the rules for each tense. Students would also be told about the helping verbs and the sentence sequence of active and passive voice. Students would get about 20 exercises for this section of the ESL course. Students would also be taught the modal verbs.



Pronoun is the name of the word which you can instead of noun. Students would be able understand the difference between subject pronouns, object pronouns, demonstrative pronouns, relative pronouns, possessive pronouns, and indefinite pronouns. Students would get 5 exercises for this section.



Students would be told the different types of adverbs, and when should they use these adverbs. The adverbs which would be taught are adverbs of frequency, adverbs of manner, adverbs of time, adverbs of place and intensifiers.



Adjectives are the words which are used to describe the nouns. Students would be told on how to differentiate between adjectives and abstract nouns. This section has been designed to inform the students about the adjectives, comparative adjectives and superlative adjectives.



This section will help the students identify the different types of prepositions. The prepositions would be taught in detail. Prepositions for place, time, directions, agent and instrument would be taught along with their exercises.



Conjunctions are the words which connect two sentences. Students would be taught coordinating and subordinating conjunctions. They would be told when to use each conjunction and they will also told to solve exercises for the conjunctions.


Direct and Indirect speech

Direct and Indirect speech is very important while writing an essay, story, article, or novel. Students would be told about the rules about the direct and indirect speech.


6000 vocabulary words

Words are divided are into 3 lists and each list consists of 2,000 words. Students would be taught these 6,000 vocabulary words and regulars quizzes would be conducted to determine students are learning these words or not. Students will also be asked to make sentences out of these words.



There would be a spelling test conducted every day and it will motivate students to learn the spelling of the words. Students would be taught spelling under the LCWC rule. Look, Cover, Write, Check.



Brainstorming is the way to extract the ideas out of your brain. Most people complain that they run out of ideas while writing essays, but after following this procedure you will run out of ideas and you would be able to even write 3500-word essays.


Scrambled sentences

Students would be taught the different types of sentences. Scrambled sentences will help them improve their sentence structure.


Essay writing

This section will tell about the different types of essays. Students would be told about the procedure to write persuasive, descriptive, and narrative essay.


Speaking presentations

There would be 100 speaking topics and students would be asked to give presentation on these topics.


Listening conversations

Students would be told to answer the questions after listening to audio conversations.



Precis is a summary for a text. Most people find it impossible to write a précis, but in this course the students would be familiarized of the entire procedure of writing a précis.


Linking devices and idioms

Linking devices are the words or phrases which are used while writing an essay, they help a person write a professional letter or essay. There are about 30 linking devices which would be taught. Students would also be taught the idioms which are most commonly used.



In the reading section students would read short stories under the stress and unstress rule and also answer the questions for the short stories. There would be at least 10 stories.


Accent and Fluency

This section will help students adopt an understandable accent and also improve their fluency.

Stress and Unstress

Stress and Unstress is a very important rule while speaking English. Students are supposed to stress on the words which are nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs. Students are supposed to unstress the words which are conjunctions, prepositions, helping verbs and articles.


Creative writing

Creative writing course will enable the students to write short stories and novels. This section of the ESL course will teach students the procedure to write short stories and novels. Students would write at least 10 short stories and these stories would also be published on the official website of CAFELS.

15,000 similar words

Students would be given a list of about 5,000 words and they would be asked to write similar words for these words. This task will help the students speak English without stopping and they would also be able to write a variety of words while writing something in English.

ESL Course

The ESL course at PACANS is being taught by Canada Qualified Teacher. The course is economical and there are flexible timings. You may choose the time which suits you.

Gulberg Branch

Raiwind Road Branch


























The total duration of the course is 2 months and the total fee for the course is Rs 5000.

You can pay the fees in 2 monthly installments. 2500 per month

Weekend classes are also available to professionals. You should contact the administration to inquire about these classes.

Students can also request individual time, but a higher fee would be charged for it.


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