Spoken English for Matric students faisalabad

Matric exams have ended and now students are searching for spoken English academies. Holiday are the perfect time to improve English skills because at this time the students do not have any kind of tension. Time has proved that the best spoken English academy is PACANS.

Only students of PACANS are able to speak good English. Most of the spoken English academies tend to as the students to memorize about 500 to 600 sentences, but an entirely different approach is adopted at PACANS. PACANS does not ask to memorize English, but PACANS helps you learn English. You can watch free online lectures onwww.pacans.com or www.youtube.com. After watching the lectures you would be able to determine whether the lectures and videos are beneficial for you or not.

This is how we are going to cover the English course:

12 tenses active voice

12 tenses passive voice

Noun, adverb, adjective, preposition, verb, conjunction, interjection and pronoun. (8 parts of speech)

Direct speech

Indirect speech


Essay writing

Spelling practice

25 vocabulary lists

Listening audios

Stress and intonation

Article writing

Linking devices

Writing summaries

We hope that at the end of the course your English would be perfect.

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